D80 as a Point & Shoot cam...

Started Oct 31, 2006 | Discussions thread
Billkt40 Regular Member • Posts: 306
Re: D80 as a Point & Shoot cam...

It would be a horrible waste of a good camera but you can turn to D80 to "auto" and you have a point and shoot.

You could adjust all the settings in advance and use the "P" mode.

Hey it even has auto ISO so she would not even have to think about that.

The camera can be set up and used as a point and shoot for your wife and then you can use it as a "real" camera.

We pretty much do the same at my house. When my wife wants to take pictures I either set it up and hand it to her or give it to her and tell her to switch it to auto. Thats all she knows and all she wants to know, so it is a good camera for both of us except that it is a littel big and heavy for a womens "point and shoot"

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