fry's deal: core2 duo and AGP mobo, $199

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Re: My case with Core2duo and AGP

ArunasS wrote:

linuxworks wrote:

extra performance and say goodbeye to my perfect P650 AGP card.
Yes, there's a PCIe version, but only with a fan - I am not so
happy about it.

no fans on my card! yes, agp is 'golden' since its good, fast,
stable and fan-free

We were talking fropm the very beginning about the AGP version of
P650, right?


Yes, the AGP card is without any fan, just with a
passive radiator.

I knew that when I bought it, about a year ago. I bought a 2nd when I saw it on close-out and so I have a main one and a 'shelf spare' so I feel ok about standardizing on it. for me, at least and so that meant I needed an agp mobo and not the new fancy-schmancy pci-e stuff.

The PCIe version of P650 has a fan, AFAIK. Or,
was there a PCIe P650 without a fan?

the ads I see all show fans so I think you are right. I don't want fanned vid cards. not for this non-gamer, no way. one more thing to replace or to fail or to make noise.

At least, I don't believe it
was stated on Matrox website. Well, actually in some future, if I
ill be forced to move to PCIe, I am considering to put a passive
cooling profile on it. I can't see any big difference between the
cards, except the interface and double amount of memory. I have a
suspicion the fan was put on just because it's "cooler".

maybe their pci-e chip is inefficient or was bad enough that it pushed it over the size limit for passive cooling. if it were me, I'd make passive cooling a MUST HAVE feature. create a whole line of cards that are passive cooled.


there should be a standard for connecting things up to a liquid cooling system. if you didn't have to hack-up some heatsink to go water-based cooling - and if you could count on the same connectivity and style on each board or chip that needed it, that would really simplify overall pc cooling implementations.
[ rant]

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