Nikon D70 / 50 for IR ??

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Re: Nikon D70 / 50 for IR ??

Just to comment on the Canons IR capabilities you will have MUCH longer exposure times with the Canons than with the D50 and D70. Typically you will get somthing like 10s at ISO200 and f/2.8, IIRC.

With my D70 I normally use the hyper focal distance for focusing and therefore use f/11-16 and get exposures between 3 to 8 seconds normally.

You will have to do some post processing though. Normally I swap red and blue channels for "color IR" and then you will have to increase contrast in most cases.

For B&W IR pic I convert to B&W, of course, and the adjust black and white point and increase mid tine contrast with an S-curve.

isaac4130 wrote:

Those are some really sweet shots... I hadn't realised 10 or 15
seconds would be the required exposure time... but it's no problem,
for me IR is just something to play with as well. My Fuji shoots
good IR at around 1 1/3 to 2 second exposures.
However, it looks as though you still can get the goods on the
Nikon, and the Canon too from what I've seen...
Maybe I'll just go for the "remote control through the viewfinder"
test and see which camera is brighter

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