Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

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Class 1, 2, or 3...

Kiran P wrote:

Is that better than a whine?

No, it's pretty much the same thing...

It is true that I'm in Canada, and its not all that humid right

Do you know how humid it is? I have a humidity meter on the wall behind the Epson 7600, and another on the front of the machine, so I can monitor humidity under the tarp and in the print shop in general.

but dropping entire color channels, especially after nozzle
clean cycles really is more like air in the line as opposed to low
humidity causing ink to dry on the printhead.

I'd have to disagree. From my experience with both the 7600 and the 4000 (The 4800 uses 4000 hardware, with different firmware so that it can use three black inks instead of 2) and the smaller 2200, as soon as the scraper gets gummy, it can spread a clog across entire banks of nozzles, just like buttering bread.

I've seen the effects of running a line dry (long story, my fault) and it's more likely to irrevocably clog a head, requiring replacements.

I did read all the
posts and all the suggestions, but many didn't really apply to my
issues. And the posts from people who say their printer is
wonderful didn't help either,

You brought those on yourself. You started the thread

"Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!"

What were you expecting, a chorus of "Yes, Kiran, it sure is" and "Thanks for the warning, Kiran. You da man!" posts? Did it occur to you to post something more along the lines of "Epson 4800 clogging, can anybody help?"

except I guess to reiterate to other
people reading that not everyone is having this problem.

I guess my beef is that if 10% of hte airbags out there didn't
work, it would be a major major issue and they'd have to find out
exactly why. Heck.... when just a few dozen parts on a car fail,
they do a major recall of millions of vehicles who share those same
parts. Now I'm not saying that a printer is going to cause me
bodily injury, but I'd say that even if 5% of the 4800s out there
did suffer from air in the lines because of one reason or another,
it is too high of a number to not have a system in place to deal
with it.

First, you do not know it's air in the lines.

Second, you're right, it's not comparable to air bags. I've worked in automotive engineering in the Detroit area for decades. Problems are tagged "class 1, 2, or 3". Airbags are 1. Your printer would be a 3.

I mentioned in the post just above that haiving an air sensor on
each line including a valve that could maybe let hte air escape
would not have been I don't think too expensive of a solution.

It would be an expensive solution. Very complex. How do you sense air in a nearly opaque ink, especially if the walls of the lines stay coated even if the line is drained?

These same problems were on the 4000, so the 4800 really could have
had some better system in place to deal with this issue. If air
really is a problem and it occurs, I'm just saying that they could
build something into the printer to deal with it if they can't
prevent it in the first place.

And if air really isn't a problem...

So in conclusion, the printer does make beautiful prints, but when
you have hte problems that I did, the solution of wasting what
seems like gallons of ink isn't good enough for such an expensive
printer and such expensive ink, and this is what makes the printer
garbage. Epson must be fully aware as the 3800 and both the 7800
and 9800 models have pressurized systems. So why was the 4800
rushed out the door after the 4000 when they already had the better
system in place on teh bigger models? I don't think a pro level
printer should be rushed like a consumer model to meet a specific

The 9800 has over three times the length of tubing of the 4800, and the tubing feeds upward from underneath the print head, instead of everything being at the same level, as on the 4800. The 7800 and 9800 share a common mechanism, the 4800 doesn't need to...

And Epson just can't win. When they brought out the pressurized carts on the 7800, you should have heard the whiners. "It's a plot to keep us from buying third party inks!" or "How will we refill these cartridges".

p.s. I looked back a few months in your posting history. Didn't see you asking for help with this problem in all that time...

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