recomend bag please?

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I have exactly the same bag.

It certainly would take the gear specified by OP and then some more.

  • does not look like a camera back pack !!!

  • quality product

  • takes 17" notebook in addition to photo gear

  • secure as you need to take it off to access the gear

  • not visually as big as some competition

  • clean look - no loose straps to be seen

  • center has a groove tunnel to prevent anything pressing against spine

  • you can remove the notebook internal bag. This may give you space for loose items such as raincoat or similar stuff


  • the compartments are shaped on the angle and it may take some time to figure out best configuration

  • not suitable for quick camera draw (see secure in PROS)

  • no sealed compartments

  • limited options to carry anything else but camera gear and notebook - eg. cannot have a water bottle

  • has to be open wide open for access. Items placed at the bottom part of the bag may be harder to access than in other bags as the opening narrows towards the bottom.

  • the chest buckle is poorly designed and I've lost it in first week


both notebook and camera gear bags can be removed from the back pack leaving you with a cavernous general back pack for travel

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