D80 + new 50mmf1.8 + SB800 samples

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Re: D80 + new 50mmf1.8 + SB800 samples

miancu wrote:

DStan wrote:

From what I've read the D80/popup can only act as a commander to
wireless CLS flashes not a master. That means when using wireless
flashes it cannot contribute to the exposure.


See may examples below. D80 popup flash CAN contribute to the

Doesn't look lke much of a contribution. When using a commander up close some small amount of light can get into the picture, but not as a proper flash. Give it some distance and you will not be able to see anything useful added. The D70(s) exhibits similar behavior, only it cannot control more than the one fixed group while the D80 allows for 2 groups and a full commander allows for 3 groups. There is the difference between a commander and a master. A commander does not effectively contrbute to the exposure, it is for controlling remotes. A Master contributes as well as controls remotes. Such is the difference between an SB-800 and an SU-800. Read the manuals. Your comparison also shows that the second picture has a better exposure. Please explain what settings allow for what you say.
Stan ;o()

In the spirit of Occam’s Razor one should embrace the less complicated formulation or simply put, less is more.

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