The Dell Lottery-I lost!

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Re: The Dell Lottery-I lost!

donhon wrote:

Edward Chatlos wrote:

Just how do you get to the service menu?? I can't find that on the
main menu screen

G'day Edward, I got the information from earlier posts, here it is.
I tried both, the first one worked for me.

To enter the service menu
Turn the monitor off, hold down the menu button and the + button at
the same time, and while you're holding them down, turn the monitor
back on. The monitor will take a second longer to come on. Once on,
wait a second and then press the - button and the service menu will
pop up.
There should be a line on top saying LPL LM.... for LG S-IPS or SMS
LTM... for Samsung S-PVA.

I just got a new 2007wfp. I tried the service menu trick and didn't see anything at all like you say ;(

mine says v1b18 (left side, top, in white) and rt803 (right side, top, yellow).

anyone know what THAT means?

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