D80 + new 50mmf1.8 + SB800 samples

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Re: D80 + new 50mmf1.8 + SB800 samples

ErikRosvold wrote:

The D80 can act as master for on-camera flash, and groups A & B.
You'll need an SB800 or commander unit to control group C but you
could always have the "group C" flash in SU-4 mode with manual
settings. The D80 is a huge step up for in camera CLS support from
the D70.

From what I've read the D80/popup can only act as a commander to wireless CLS flashes not a master. That means when using wireless flashes it cannot contribute to the exposure. This makes sense since it's output power cannot compete with the likes of an SB800/600 flash. Some stuff says the camera can be a master to the popup, but that should mean without any remotes as is with the D50/70 and D200. As a commander it is much better than the D70 since it allows more than one group. As I've read, It also has repeat flash which is nice for a popup.
Stan ;o()

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