D80 + new 50mmf1.8 + SB800 samples

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Some explanations

The sharpness at 3.5 is already getting on the ball and it isn;t
all that bad below that. Are you sure it's not the shallow DOF that
really bothers you?

No. No. You got me wrong (I think) but this probably my mistake. Nothing bothers me with this lens. What I'm saying is that, IMO, best sharpness is around 4, but, of course, 2.2 and 2.8 is quite good.

I like shallow DOF. What I'm saying is that probably at 2.0-2.8 and a bit more I won't be bothered by loss of marginal sharpness (center sharpness is better anyway) since I'll probably use these apertures in situations when I'll need shallow DOF for selective blurring.

For 120 bucks is a steal.

Got mine for $100 so who got robbed - lol.

I got. But, believe me, for me this IS a extra-super price. Lenses here are priced twice the US price (at least). And I got this one from Calumet.

Comander mode does not contribute to the picture in any meaningful
way, so I doubt that fiddling with the on camera Flash EC will
effect the popup. In a multiple CLS-iTTL flash scenario, only a
Master contributes to the exposure. I don't know if the D80 is
capable of being a master, I doubt that it can. If you mount your
SB800 on the shoe or SC-28/29 cord it can be a master and your
favorite Nikon dealer will be glad to sell you more SB800/600
flashes - lol.

With D80 it does. And works beautiful. See examples in my next (reply) post. I took some shots in commander mode with and without contribution from built-in flash.

If you set the popup in normal iTTL mode and use your SB800 in SU-4
mode you can get both to contribute, only you will not get the same
level of control as a complete iTTL solution.

No. popup is in commander and SB800 in slave (remote), same channel (1). With D80 in commander I can adjust the popup and two groups (A and B) on TTL (EVs), manual (fraction of power) and AA (EVs) modes.

See examples that follow.

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Stan ;o()

In the spirit of Occam’s Razor one should embrace the less
complicated formulation or simply put, less is more.

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