D80 + new 50mmf1.8 + SB800 samples

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Re: D80 + new 50mmf1.8 + SB800 samples

miancu wrote:

Hi, All !

I just got my new 50mmf1.8 and SB800. Soooo excited. Yesterday I
took some tests with a DIY paper diffuser. All at ISO 100, exif
preserved, exactly how they went from camera.

First impression: the lens is soft at 1.8 but with enough contrast
to take decent photos. Probably I'll use this aperture setting only
for lowlight handheld photos (concerts, theatre etc). At 2.8 is
good enough and at 4 is crisp. Since DOF is quite shallow, I'm not
quite interested in marginal sharpness at 1.8-2.8-3.5. I can stop
it down to 8 and still have same quality as 4.

The sharpness at 3.5 is already getting on the ball and it isn;t all that bad below that. Are you sure it's not the shallow DOF that really bothers you?

For 120 bucks is a steal.

Got mine for $100 so who got robbed - lol.

SB800: no comments. This is the F22 of the flashes. One has to have
one to see what this little technology marvel can do. I've also
played with commander mode on my D80 and I like setting EVs for
built-in and SB800, gives a lot of room for creativity.

Comander mode does not contribute to the picture in any meaningful way, so I doubt that fiddling with the on camera Flash EC will effect the popup. In a multiple CLS-iTTL flash scenario, only a Master contributes to the exposure. I don't know if the D80 is capable of being a master, I doubt that it can. If you mount your SB800 on the shoe or SC-28/29 cord it can be a master and your favorite Nikon dealer will be glad to sell you more SB800/600 flashes - lol.

If you set the popup in normal iTTL mode and use your SB800 in SU-4 mode you can get both to contribute, only you will not get the same level of control as a complete iTTL solution.
Stan ;o()

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