Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

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Re: I love the 4800, it's my workhorse !!

I haven't used a roll yet David, but see thwe post I have just put on this forum about swapping from hand to tray. The software is not completely sorted and it is annoying.


David Grabowski wrote:

I as others don't like the ink change idea either so tend not to go
there. It would be more user friendly if you didn't have to change
out inks but I think the key is to land on a few papers you like
and just print. tHe iamge quality is second to none and using
Qimage I can hit print and go cut the grass, do another photo
session or something. When I come back it's all done.

I do have an issue that has developed with mine though. That is
when changing to sheet paper the first sheet through will always
give a Reload Paper Message, it did this when I first bought the
printer and then went away, now it's back . At the same time, when
I switch back to roll paper it will make it's first run fine up to
the cut, then for the second run it gives a paper alignment
message. I just lift the lever and put it back down again, it does
some gyrating and runs fine for days on end or till I change back
to sheets.

Anyone have this or solved this issue ? This is legit, I'm not
whining just asking if anyone has worked this problem out or even
had the problem or otherwise have an idea of what might cause it.


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