Tripod : 3 vs. 4 legs

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Re: 4 sections vs 3

Hobbyman wrote:

I am not a pro. I am so regretful that I bought Gitzo 1227 which is
3 section tipod. It is just too big to carry on the flight or
hiking. The whole point of tripod to use it when you need it, but
the bigger size definitely reduce the chance to use it. I also do
not like the twist lock. I know it supposed to be more stable but
it is just a hassle to set it up. That is why I started to look for
a Velbon 540a which is also a lot cheaper than Gitzo.

Just my experiences.

Different uses for different People. I don't travel very much anymore so my tripod pretty much stays in my car. And I wish I would have bought the 1227. I have the 1228. Stablity wise the 1228 is fine but I would prefer the convenience of only having to adjust 6 knobs instead of 9. If you travel a lot I think a 4 sections tripod is a good compromise.

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