theatre. shutter SLAP, "irritating" bye bye

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theatre. shutter SLAP, "irritating" bye bye

I was given permission to shoot the production of 'Sweeney Todd' in my neck of the woods at the local community theatre. I photographed it twice before 1. Final Dress Rehearsal and during the 2. Preview Night (free show for friends/family of cast).

I am shooting a 3rd time because I just took delivery of 70-200 2.8 L and I wanted to see how it would stand up to my Tokina 80-200 2.8. I was given permission to shoot during a paid performance because the cast and director wanted me to put a DVD together containing all of the processed photos (the first two times I photographed it I was only photographing my sister in the production).

So I drove the 40 mins to the theatre to find a full house (tuesday nights are supposed to be very light). I was stuck in the back row of the theatre (not a big theatre), maybe 300 seats. So I was already kind of frustrated from the poor view (200mm barely gave me a waist and up shot, I usually like to get tighter than that). Anyways, I did the best I could for the first act, I took 427 photos. I usually don't machine gun it like that, but I am now employed to get every cast member in all of the scenes.

I was cognizant of the sound my 20d makes and I got as far away as possible from the paying viewers, I was probably 8-10 feet away from others... I was in the back row which wasn't full. Well anyways, after the first act, during intermission, one man turned around and asked if I was going to be taking more photos because my camera was "irritating." I told him I was intending to and the conversation ended. Moments later as people were taking their seats for act II I overheard some more people in front of me saying "could you hear that guy's camera... ugh." I kind of felt bad, b/c after all they paid to sit in those seats, and I was disrupting an otherwise great performance. However, I had permission from management and the cast to take those photographs, in fact they are paying me for those photographs... so I had a decision to make. I could be an @sshole and claim my ground and take another 400 photos, or I could respect those around me and leave. I chose to leave at intermission...

I guess I'll come back another time with hopefully a less full house.. that day will be my fourth performance... good thing I like the musical

1. should I ask management for some kind of accomodations so that I am not the "bad guy" and ruining other patron's evenings.. perhaps they could cordon off a few rows or something.. some kind of sound buffer perhaps.

2. Has anyone else had similar issues b/c of the obnoxious loudness of the 20d shutter?

3. Are there any other modern DSLR bodies with MUCH quieter shutters? I don't want the 5d as I need the 1.6 crop for theatre work...

Who's got some advice on this.. I was between a rock and a hard spot..

post script.. my sister who is one of the leads told me that on stage, over the pit orchestra, over her own voice (which is very loud), and over the monitor speakers, she can hear my shutter! grr... I love the 20d in every single way except its horrible SLAP of the shutter...

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