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I see that you have as much luck getting the kids to sit as I do... Actually, some of the best shots are of them "trying" to sit still for me... Once they start laughing and looking at each other you usualy get a great shot of them being themselves. Trouble is having enough light to capture (stop) the action without a blurry image.

Another thing I noticed was that each your daughters complexion looks good. In that I mean, you can easily tell that they have different sking coloring and that the D7 does a good job of maintaining each individual's skin tones. I have the same situation with my kids. Two of them have "warmer" winter complexions while the third looks like a bit of a ghost during the winter. Nevertheless, I've found that my D7 does a good job of accurately capturing their skin tones.

I've been impressed with the results I have gotten when printing directly from the captured image to my PIM enabled Epson 785EPX printer.

Thanks for the mention of the 20x30 enlargement... I've been toying with the idea of getting one from ofoto and am glad to hear that you experience good results. Did you need to do anything special with the image before uploading it to ofoto and ordering the print?


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Gary Glyck wrote:
OK. The absolutely unprocessed unrotated original is here:

BTW, the shirt is much duller than the saturated red the original
shows. The printing on the cup is washed out.
Also, I use a 6500K calibrated monitor for viewing ...

The only time I've seen yellow faces is when shooting under
available tungsten using "auto balance". Using the preset tungsten
or "manual" balance off a white sheet of paper fixes that. For
example, the pause frame
here is "auto", the remaining are "tungsten" (just couldn't get
them to sit still for 1/2 second exposures :))

JonW wrote:

Gary Glyck wrote:

Hmmm. I find this a little surprising. I don't see any signs of
yellow/green in any of the people shots I have. On my system, flesh
in the face looks perfect. The hands are just a tiny bit cool

Your pictures look fine, albeit it's a little hard to judge without
the unprocessed original to compare to.

I have a dual monitor setup, and my secondary monitor is fairly
new. I just haven't seen a monitor configuration that would make
the yellow/green cast go away. For instance, my newer monitor has
digital controls and I was able to flip it from 9500K to 6500K and
the yellow/green cast was still there.

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