Travel Lens Questions.....

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Travel Lens Questions.....

Bleh this whole lens thing has been giving me a headache =P. Ok. So I need a few lenses for my month trip to europe. I have another thread but it seems to have gotten a little off topic and I have narrowed down my preferences. Ok so here are the facts.

1. I plan on getting the 10-22. I like the lens, have had previous experience with it, and like the results and will be good for close architecture shots, both indoor and outdoor.

2. Im gonna use the 50mm 1.4 for most of my indoor shots while hanging out with my friends (non technical shots i guess you could say) because of its high performance in low light situations and low profile.

3. Ok so heres the part thats been stressing me out. My walk around lens. Lol so many choices. I want to keep this lens under a grand. Altho under 500 would be much better (ie my gf wont beat me up lol). There are so many good lenses that have a good range but im worried that some might be too short. I was looking at the following:

24-70 2.8 (expensive-short zoom)
17-55 2.8 (expensive-short zoom)
17-85 4-5.6 (unsure of quality of lens)
28-105 3.5-4.5 (great price, unsure of lens quality)
28-135 3.5-5.6 (also unsure of quality of lens)

I have no experience with these 5 lenses. Have looked at pics from all 5 lenses and a lot of shots look nice. I am leaning towards the 28-135 because the price is good, and the range is perfect for me. However am a little worried how the pictures will turn out. Please help me

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