My E500... a disappointment...

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My E500... a disappointment...

Well even if I get banned or something... I'm going to say it anyways...

I'm becoming a bit disappointed with the E500 and I'm thinking of taking it back to Sam's so I can buy and try something else.

I suppose I fit in the whiners area now...

Everyone here seems to complain about the low light problems... but that isn't the problem I have... in fact I have taken some good photos in low light. And I don't think any camera will perform at high speed in very low light conditions unless you have the right equipment.

One of the biggest things I see is being able to get it adjusted when there is bright light. Some of my photos have a beautiful sky... then the foreground is to dark. If I try to make adjustments to get the foreground exposed good then I lose the nice light background or my bright blue sky.

I have tried so many settings that I can't possibly document it. This camera does not seem to have the ability to compensate or meter it properly.

Maybe I'm missing something... but it doesn't seem normal to me.

I don't really want to carry an FL-50 with me just to get good landscape shots.

Oh well...


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