An observation about STF

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Re: An observation about STF

I would agree that the challenges have brought people together. There's been a lot of "how did you do that?" type of comments and questions and people have been so willing to share and be helpful.

I'm not sure how long I lurked before I started posting, but I did find a lot of very good iinformation ranging from simple to way too technical, over my head.

Shay's bounce device has been a huge help, and the other "inventions" following it being shared are amazing. The dangling lens cap -- who would have thought that you were supposed to pull the string. I am so grateful for that and used it today.

Now we have Ron Parr's FAQ which will help a lot of people.

I know I can even hack a way to use studio lights if I go in that direction.

I wonder if people realize how difficult it can be for a newbie to learn to navigate this forum, learn to find and use photo posting sites, struggle with pbase -- learn the tricks to embedding a "medium" size version of their photo -- and then open their photos up to criticism! The rewards are worth it to those who persevere!

And I still wonder what ZipperZ did with all those IKEA mirrors!


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