Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

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The TRUTH about a 4800 Clogging Issue


I am biased towards the 4800, why because Ihaev one and its treated me really well. I have said repeatedly that clogging is not reallyan issue for me. I did all my research and found this acceptable when I made my 4800 acquisition.

The onlythink I do not like is the PK to Matte Blcak ink change out, it suck then and still sucke now!

That said its been 3 weeks since I printed on my 4800...a little abnormal and I started to print last night, I did my print a nozzle check, not the auto one and the magenta channel showed NO output at all. all other channels were fine.

I then ran the 'AUTO' nozzle check from the icon in the lower right windows XP task bar, right click on the 4800 icon, select AUTO instead on Print....(if you select print then if things are ok you can just click on finish and be done with this)....if not then you can restart and reprint, but this will not always clear up your issue).

By clicking on AUTO here, the 4800 will nedd at lest one sheet of plain paper. the 4800 will then start the auto nozzle chceck test by printing out approz 9 color squares about 3/4" by 11/4" or so (approx).

The magenta channel showed a few very faint specs of ink....90% or more missing..all the rest were fine.

This routine did this three times printing out all the 9 color squares, and on the fourth one the magenta was abck to 100%.

The 4800 then prints out a large magenta square and a large yellow squars and a small report on how much ink and how much paper it used to run the AUTO nozzle check.

I dont have a scanner handy BUT here are the results:

Version: A0045A.800
Maint Tank: 19%
Cur Inkcount: 1128.3 ml Pre-InkCount: 1128.2 ml C-P 0.1ml

It took a very small amount if ink ".1ml" and less approx 9.2 cm of paper to fis the issue.

Let me say that at the start of the AUTO nozzle check the printer asked me via the LCD on the printer if i wanted to do a POWER cleaning with the levers etc. I said NO.

In more than a year and a half (will be 2 years in Nov) I have NEVER had to do a power cleanig ever.

So all this stuff anout clogs and wasted ink maybe tru for others..but I do not see these issues as severe, not at all.

I leave my 4800 on all the time.

All the Best

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