how do you camouflage your gear?

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jugglervr Senior Member • Posts: 1,614
how do you camouflage your gear?

(cross-posted from lighting techniques becasue i posted there first by accident)
hmm. it seems I don't know how to spell "camoflage" or whatever. damn.

anyway, to what extents have y'all gone to hide the $$$ value of your gear? I routinely remove the labels from my camera bags and only buy bags that look like something else, but I have heard of people carrying their cameras in bags such as a winnie the pooh diaper bag...
some people store their studio lights in plastic beer coolers...

I recently took the strap off my 5D (the one that says "digital" in big letters to rhyme with "usher me into an alley and jack my gear") and replaced it with a gaudy strap from my ancestors' old mamiya 35mm...

I thought about cutting a patch of material that looked like a camera back and affixing it to my 5D viewscreen with contact plastic so i can further avoid the impression that it's expensive digital...

I don't think I'll be using a sharpie on the red stripe on my lentils, though. maybe an old rotten rubber band to cover them up?
what steps do you take?

anyone remember an old SNL commercial with phil hartman shilling a car called the chameleon? it was old and rusty with bare rims and a coat hanger antenna, but inside had patent leather seats and amazing sound system. handled like a mercedes... good stuff.

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