Wedding customer wants to buy JPEGs...

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Wedding customer wants to buy JPEGs...

So I shot this wedding nearly 2 years ago. Friend of a friend. The family was short on $$$, so I had them pay me a few hundred up front and let them buy prints a la carte. I provided them a price list, a high-quality proof CD (with watermarking), and included a few "gifts" over (2 8x10, some 4x6, etc.) so they could see the quality of the work they would buying.

Well they didn't buy any prints.

The feedback from my friend (and theirs) was that they loved the pictures but just didn't have any $$$ for the prints.

23 months have gone by.

Today I get a phone call -- I let it go to voice mail -- from the bride's mother wanting to "purchase a disc of all the wedding photos so she can have one of those photo books made at Costco".

I'm not terribly experienced in the wedding business. They know I own the images. I am not interested in selling a disc of RAW at any price, and JPEGS only if the "price is right". I might be interested in doing the book myself.... but I think she wants to include photos others have taken as well. Hmm... not sure I want a photo book out there that has my work mixed in with others'.

What would you do?

There are about 150 quality keepers out of the 400+ I took. (By the way, I only did the post ceremony church shots -- this was an LDS wedding).

Should I sell JPEGs? If so, what's a fair price on my processing time, etc.?

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