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Re: New IXY SD900 IS 1st review up in Japan.

northernale1 wrote:

Im almost tired of this,, some of you people go buy what you want
and basically shut up,,, i heard the same kind of stupid complaints
about S2,, i bought one and i loved,,, buddy of mine just bought
sd 800,, wow,, what a beauty of a camera,,,the pix on computer
monitor look awesome,, and like 99.9% of the world use 4x6 are
terrific,,, face detection works awesome also,,, i will be gettn
one for my wife for christmas,, and who ever dont think i should or
doesnt like my decision ,, i dont give a cr*p,,,

so people go with what makes you happy,, go for it,, wetjer its a
panny,, fuji or whatever happy shooting ,, and I m happy for ya,,,

o ya just for the record I hate sonys,, but who cares

Go buy your wife a SD800IS and shut up. Move on....

this is a forum and everyone has a right to opine on this Canon model

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