24-105 vs 70-200 and 50 mm comparison

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Massimo Cristaldi
Massimo Cristaldi Regular Member • Posts: 314
24-105 vs 70-200 and 50 mm comparison

Hi All,

I finally bought a 24-105L.

Since the beginning I was a bit disappointed with the performances: not enough sharpness in my opinion.

So I performed some tests.

Tripod, aritificial light, remote shutter, 1/13 sec, F4, RAW, no sharpening.

70-200 @ 70 mm

24-105 @ 70 mm

Same parameters but 50 mm:
50 1st zone

24-105 1st zone

50 second zone

24-105 second zone

As you can see is seams that the 70-200 is a lot better then the 24-105 @ 70mm. The same does not apply to the 50 mm. These results are in line with the MFT figures that I downloaded from Photozone (B=Border, C=Center).

Now the question: is it my lens a bad sample or is this a normal performance? Please suggest: I'm thinking to send the lens back in assistance...

Massimo Cristaldi

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