G2 vs OLY E-10

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Re: G2 vs OLY E-10

Diane B wrote:
dgrogers wrote:

or SM cards so the write times wouldn't matter as much? I thought
the E-10 buffer could hold 4 images...

That's correct. I should have mentioned that. I honestly haven't
ever had to wait to shoot with the E10.

Well, good! I just bought an E10 and didn't want to be dissapointed by that (I don't have it yet).

I really dislike this kind of thread. Right now in the Oly SLR
forum, there is someone asking about sony 707 vs. the E10 and the
D30 vs. the E10. Its that vs. that I dislike.

My daddy is stronger than your daddy!.......I see what you mean ;^)

Any tips for the E-10 (i.e. cf card, filters, etc.)? Perhaps you should answer on my filter thread in the Oly SLR forum since this is WAY off topic for the Canon forum :^)

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