400D has the better IQ than D80?

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You may be right...but I left Canon for D80

As a long time Canon user it was a difficult decision to go with the Nikon. I had a 300D and was waiting for the time to upgrade the body and instead my focus was on building a set of good lenses. The 20D, XT and 30D came and went and I didn't see the value in buying them as comparred to the Digital Rebel.

I got excited after the XTi was announced and was ready to move on one and went to a local store where I could play with the XTi, 30D and D80. It was at that tiome I decided to go with the D80. The hand feel, the controls and the viewfinder were all so superior to either the XTi and 30D that I was blown away.

I went home and read everything I could about the D80 and decided to go for it. The only issues I have are the Canon 85 1.8 and Tokina 12-24 which are both great copies and I hate to see them having to be sold. If I had some good L glass, I'd probably stayed with Canon, but I had bought and sold a 28-135IS and 17-85IS which were only consumer quality and a Tamron 28-75 which while sometimes great, had focus issues even after 3 times to Tamron.

The Nikon 50 1.8 blows away the Canon 1.8 in build quality and it's sharp. In fact, Phil used the 50 1.8 vs the Canon 50 1.4 in comparison tests.

I agree that the IQ of the 400 (XTi) may be slightly better, but the overall shooting experience with the D80 is much better, and that's an opinion of someone who used Canon for a number of years.

That conclusion may not be true for the pro-level Canons vs the Nikons, but for the XTi/30D vs D80/D200 I'd say the Nikons should be seriously looked at if someone hasn't got too much invested in glass.

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