Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

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Re: Your argument can work both ways

Hi, using prices from I come out closer at 15% difference...but the point is still the same... To varying degree's, both Epson, HP, (fill in your manufacturer of choice) has price discrpency across markets... This is nothing new or shocking and is a normal part of market economics....

the bottom line, as you so rightly put it, is that it sucks. The price of Inks in general are very expensive...but then again...this has to do with free market economics... The market will pay what the product is worth... (hence the popularity of third party inks).

Well, gotta run.... I gotta go to my local Japanese electronics store and pick up some of that sweet OEM ink at cheap prices!


freddyNZ wrote:

MuMinded wrote:

Dear Freddy,

I live in Japan and I would pay way more for a HP cartridge in
Japan then in the USA... Your argument can work both ways...

But, a better way to look at it is that both Epson and HP shoudl
equalize their prices across markets... imo.


Looking at the HP38 cartridge, it's about 5% more than US prices.
But all Epson ink cartridges are about 50% higher in the USA - yet
even USA prices are less than anywhere else in the world.
I have (or should I say had) some sympathy for Epson facing
competition from third party suppliers. Now that I see that Epson
in particular is charging such high prices, my sympathy is almost
entirely gone.
They need to address this IMO. It sucks - badly.

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