Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

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Re: Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

I hear nothing but bad experiences regarding the 4800 waste, which was the reason I bought the 2400 instead.

Still on the higher end of ink use, but I've never had to run a single cleaning cycle, and the waste swapping blacks is negligible compared to the 4/7/9800 series.

I would have liked to print bigger than 13", but mind you the biggest print size I've made as 12.5inch so far. If I need anything beyond 13" I'll just pop down to the local pro lab with their Durst Lambda.

Obviously It's a diff story on your end, but IMO Epson makes the best Inkjet line in the world, its just the effing near criminal waste the 800's make you go though...

Lovin my 2400 though, It's my baby! (along with my E-1 ;D )

my 2c

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