My New D200

Started Oct 17, 2006 | Discussions thread
Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 9,388
Agree, D80 has inconsistent metering

My D80 also blows out highlights, especailly with matrix metering. I borrowed a D200 and it's right on with the metering with the same test scenes. The D80 is so inconsistent that it is impossible to just dial in a -0.3 or -0.7 to make it right all the time. Nikon has acknowleged that they need to look at the D80 metering and have asked for photo samples indicating the overexposure. Hopefully a firmware fix will be issued shortly. My D80 is 5 days old but the inconsistent metering drives me nuts so it's most likely going to be returned shortly and replaced with a D200.

I'm surprised that Nikon didn't pick up this issue with the D80 before they released it to production.

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