AF-D Micro 105mm vs. 105VR sharpness

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Re: AF-D Micro 105mm vs. 105VR sharpness

TheFritz wrote:

Hence my question if the IQ of the new Version is really better
than the AF-D.

I'm not really qualified, since I only own the 105VR and haven't used the other two (though I used to own the original Tamron SP90). There are lots of examples of image quality for all of these lenses out on the web - these may help make your mind up on IQ.

As a separate (but for me equally important) factor, I find the 105 VR very big and pretty heavy for this class of lens. An earlier poster mentioned the Tamron 90mm - that is almost half the weight and certainly smaller.

For people who always use their macro lens on a tripod, maybe that doesn't matter. However you also mention using for general purpose photography - that's where I think the "thow everything in it" design approach that Nikon seem to have used here maybe loses something.

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