AF-D Micro 105mm vs. 105VR sharpness

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Re: AF-D Micro 105mm vs. 105VR sharpness

First - I have never shot with the 105/2.8 AF-D - just the 60/2.8 AFD and the newer 105 VR.

The 105 VR is a better lens than the 60 for a few reasons:

a) it's sharp at infinity (the 60 really isn't that spectacular)

b) the contrast and color characteristcs are far better

c) the bokeh is better

(note, the 60 is not a bad lens, but the 105/2.8 VR is using more advanced optical technologies and I think the results show up)

Sharpness wise, they are pretty close when used close up - both are quite sharp lenses. If I were to hazard a guess to how it compares to the older 105, I'd probably guess that the contrast/color character would be better on the newer lens. There is more than just sharpness.

As noted earlier, some folks think the 105 AFD might have had a slight bit of better sharpness on the edges up close. I've also read multiple reports that feel the newer lens is better at infinity.

A tough call - most all macro lenses are quite sharp up close - so the question is more which of the other lens characteristics are important to you.

Again, I'm sorry I don't have the 105/2.8 AF-D to compare


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