5d Wide angle? Which lens is SHARP

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Re: Which lens is SHARP ... none till f/11

The 16-35 L is about as good as it gets for a wide Canon zoom. I
normally stop it down 3 stops or more on the 5D. Many times the
24-70 L is as wide as I need and a more versatile zoom. Some say
the 16-35 is over priced, but I would buy it again, rather than the
17-40. I like it when I need it.

But since you normally stop it down, is there any advantage over
the 17-40?

A brighter viewfinder and f/2.8 "emergency mode." This took advantage of both ( so I'd be able to focus ), and is a 25 second f/2.8 exposure at 400 ASA:

Also, the lens has decent bokeh, and it can be fun to do insane closeups. Here's one from the 15-30 Sigma, that might have been in focus if I still had the 16-35 L:

The 'need' for any of this stuff ( except a brighter VF ) is pretty rare.

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