5d Wide angle? Which lens is SHARP

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5D - good Wide angle primes, erm which?


nice sharp prime lenses on a Canon 5D?

Sigma EX20 - sharp and very wide indeed needs good skills technique and F8 for crisp sharp images, a specialist lens for big huge open Vistas imo. massive dof at 20mm.

Sigma EX24 - sharp and less fussy than the 20mm above, very nice lens at F8 very nice price as well.

Sigma EX28 - sharp and versatile lens, very cheap to buy, mine was superb and now regret selling it.

the above Sigmas can vary with QC issues but iv been lucky so far! as a Canon alternative they are very competitive being very sharp and of better build quality, all are f1:8? never used mine at f1:8 just landscapes at F8 -F11 where there very sharp and contrasty with good colour rendition.

Canon Ef 20 - sharp and very wide and just as fussy as the Sigma Ex20mm, used at F2:8 its disappointing (why shoot wide open at f2:8 though?) at F5.6 to F11 its a very sharp Lens a little prone to flare but then that's down to the photographer, slight vigg shading at F8 but not intrusive around .25 stop at the extreme corners. again massive dof at 20mm.

Canon Ef 24L - very sharp and wonderful but so very expensive!

Canon Ef - 24 f2:8 - sharp lovely little Lens not best build quality and zero USM AF but so what? very sharp at f5:6 - F11, another bargain WA lens.

Canon Ef 28 F2:8 - bargain of a Lens wonderful IQ and very sharp at F8, build quality is shall we say basic? but it works very well nevertheless and with care should last many years, image sharpness is 'L' standard or better.

Canon Ef 35 f2:0 - best WA lens Canon makes full stop! very very sharp at F8 contrast lovely rich colours absolute bargain, but again basic build quality, also add its tiny Lens! on a 5D you don't know its there and nobody else does either, again sharpness is 'L' standard or even better.

just some ideas thoughts and observations, on FF 1DsmkII and 5D bodies.


matthew piunno wrote:

I'm going 5d. I'm a prime wide-angle kind of guy.

had an xt with the 17-85 is. good walkaround, but my 18-55 killed
it in sharpness. 17-85 not wide enough at (26mm).

for the 5d...

I want to go wide, 16mm or 17mm.

I hear the 24mm prime is good and cheap.

is the 17-40L great or so-so. I shoot city landscapes of chicago.
i need sharp.

i need some ideas.


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