New Eagle Pics

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New Eagle Pics

Fred & Ethel raised and fledged one eaglet this year. After it left the nest and they taught it how and what to hunt, they left the area and were not seen for two months.
Here is last picture before they left:

While they were gone, the ospreys took over their territory and had some luck catching fish in the bay.

Fred & Ethel finally returned Oct 1, and I took this picture this week. They have been perched together on my perch most mornings and some evenings.

It is reported by long term residents here that they have been here together for over twenty years. Eagles mate for life and live 28 years or more. These two are very closely bonded and perch together or hunt together much of the time all year, not just mating time. When they are brooding, Fred will be seen hunting alone and take his catch to the nest to share with Ethel.

I have gotten to know Fred and Ethel well enough that they often stay on the perch and let me photo them. Fred is more patient and hangs around longer waiting for a handout. Here he launches off the perch to pick up a chicken wing I tossed that his amazing eyes have locked on.

He often returns to the perch after the pick up, and I have taken many landing shots.

Lots more here:

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