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Re: Whoa... easy...


How does the
India/Pakistan conflict enter this argument anyway? Satya may be
Indian but I don't think Robert is.

I said that coz he implied that "Satya might have been sending surveillance photos to Pakistan", whereas he's from an Indian descent, so that's illogical any way.

Nixarma wrote:

Countering a generalization that you find objectionable with
another generalization is pointless.

I understand that you are sensitive about Pakistan being
specifically named. The role of the Government of Pakistan in
fostering terrorist groups can be debated endlessly. How does the
India/Pakistan conflict enter this argument anyway? Satya may be
Indian but I don't think Robert is.

From my understanding Robert was only trying to state how
ridiculous it is for the cops in their paranoia and overzealousness
to question photographers.


WaqasUsman wrote:
You look like a typical American (or European or Aussie) whose only
source of knowledge about Pakistan is CNN and Fox. Ask anyone who
has actually been to Pakistan.

FYI, Pakistan itself has been a target of terrorism for decades,
the 10 year proxy war America fought in Afghanistan (against
Russia) resulted in several extremist groups getting their hands on
the booty. When a bomb goes off in Lahore or Karachi or Quetta
killing dozens, you don't see headlines as big as you got after 7/7
London attacks.

The Americans just left Afghanistan in 1989 before any Government
was established. Their enemy was finished, so their job was done.
It left Afghanistan to war lords who have been fighting ever since.
With Iraq they say they went to "free" them, they had a great
opportunity to "free" the Afghanis back then, but they just fled.

And btw Satya is an Indian name, and India and Pakistan aren't best
friends any way.

Robert Baker wrote:

With all the terrorism scares maybe the idea was you were taking
"surveillance" pictures to send back to the terror cell in
Pakistan. Or maybe you were interrupting a mob stakeout. It's a
pretty sad day when we can no longer trust one another in our most
innocent of gestures!

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