Is Nikon 105mm VR Micro better than the Tamrom 90mm?

Started Oct 12, 2006 | Discussions thread Veteran Member • Posts: 5,632
105VR Micro Nikkor: the latest and greatest

If money is not a consideration, I can think of few reasons not to choose the Nikon 105VR. It's Nikon's latest and greatest, and incorporates just about every trick they know. Between VR and the nice AF-S operation, it's a highly utilitarian lens.

But, should you end up with the Tamron, it's basically a modern classic with a very devout set of users. Both are excellent lenses, and that's the great part. Practically all the close up lenses in the 90 to 105mm range can offer users excellent performance.

Here are some images made with the Nikon 105VR:


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