Apple 30" Cinema display. Bought old model??

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Kim van Heuven Forum Member • Posts: 97
Apple 30" Cinema display. Bought old model??


I bought a 30" Apple Cinema display through the Apple online store 10 days ago. Yesterday evening I registered the display including the Applecare I'm getting a statement:

About your Apple product
Cinema Display (30-inch DVI Late 2005)
serial number xxxxxx

Does this mean that based on serial number the display is from end 2005? I know the the screen got improved specs somewhere in March 2006?, better brightness and contrast. Did they try to pull a leg on me by selling really old stock?

Do you actually notice the difference between the two 30" displays having slightly different specs?

I have a spyder2pro calibrator. Is there a way to measure the brightness of the display with it? I haven't found out how to do that.

The thing that worries me is that the display has 0 pixel failures and actually am very happy with it. According to the rules I am allowed to return any internet purchase within two weeks so I would be able to send the monitor back without problems. I however will be away for business for the next 3 weeks. If I receive the replacement screen with the newest specs and test it when returning from my business trip, finding out it has a few pixel problems I would be outside the 2 week return time and will be stuck with that screen.

What shall I do? IF my current screen would actually happens to be of the old batch I would find it extremely bad performance of the Apple store and might even consider buying a different brand screen because I would be so p...d off. But only dell has 30", not eizo



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