Sigma 17-70 or Pentax 16-45?

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Re: Colour rendition Pentax K100D vs Canon 300D

Hythloday wrote:

I own two Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 DC Macro lenses, viz. one for my
Canon 300D and one for my Pentax K100D. This afternoon I took a
picture of my house to see if the cameras would take exactly the
same images. The lenses are the same and the bodies are different.
Both cameras were in P mode and I used Photoshop Elements 5.0 to
process the raw files. I let the program choose the settings:

The time of the Canon image was 16:52.26, the time I took the
Pentax image was 16:55:23.


I'm quite curious about these images. The Canon image is fairly bright compared with the Pentax; the colors are more vibrant as well (check out the Christmas-like hanging in the far right upstairs window; also look at the color of the door on the left: brown in the Pentax shot and almost red in the Canon shot).

These differences are very noticable to me and I'm curious how they could possible be at least in part because of the 3 minute difference in time (see how the shadow of the tree has moved about a foot further in the Pentax photo). I also wonder if it's the Program Mode decisions made by the two cameras, with the Canon slightly overexposing the picture and/or the Pentax slightly underexposing the picture. Anyone else have any ideas?

Finally, I thought PS Elements 4.0 was the latest (I have it) and I can't get my PSE4 to process any raw images from the K100D. Maybe you can fill me in on this secret since i would love to process raw directly from PSE and not run it through the Pentax software first.



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