TC-E15ED (1.5x( vs TC-E17ED (1.7x)

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Re: TC-E15ED (1.5x( vs TC-E17ED (1.7x)

EY2 wrote:

One other thought... Have you given the Extended Zoom a try? Works
pretty well for me, but I don't know if you need the extra pixels.

Actually, I don't have an FZ30 or FZ50; I have an FZ20. Also a Pentax DSLR.

But, I'm patiently waiting, trying to decide between the FZ50 and the FZ30; I like the DSLR, but i can see the convenience of a single-lens approach. Yeah, I know adding TCs to it sorta defeats the purpose, and i do also have a TCON17, so I wouldn't seriously consider a Nikon TC until I get the FZ30/FZ50 and try out the TCON on it. It's OK on my FZ20, but by many (most?) accounts it is better on the FZ30/FZ50.

Actually, I took both the F=DSLR and the FZ20 to the coast last weekend; I shot some raptors and water-fowl with the FZ20 + TCON (about 700mm; the TCON is supposed to be just a bit less than 1.7X) as well as the Pentax + 300mm Tamron + 1.4X Tamron TC (630mm). Sometimes I added a Ricoh TX200M 1.5X to the Pentax (945mm), and sometimes I tried it with the TCON (about 1040mm or so).

Sometimes I shot the Pentax with a 2X TC + the 300mm Tamron (900mm), but at f/5.6 already, the 2X brought me down to F/11 - getting pretty dark, there... (The 1.4X had already brought me down to f/8.)

The nikon appeals to me because it seems to be a high-enough quality to use with both the FZ and the Pentax. I'm hoping a front-mounted TC will have less light loss than the in-between-lens-and-body TCs, and maybe I could use them in combination.

What I really need is a 400mm zoom, or even better, a 500mm zoom. But that's going into the high-dollar arenas; I thought a $100 1.5X Nikon TC might be a better incremental expense.

I don't like the limited focal length of a prime, but I may have to go that route. The Tamron mirror 500mm fix-f/8 is supposed to be good quality, albeit with that funny doughnut-shaped bokeh...

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