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Re: You lost me on no. 5

Erik37 wrote:

.. I have to confess I've been neglecting Panasonic
Talk a bit lately (browsing some of the DSLR forums but not quite
seeing anything that makes me really enthusiastic).

I am looking at dSLRs too, but threads from tchuanye and Bob Frank (!!):
convince me that not my type of camera is the limiting factor.

Aha, never seen that one here in Sweden, it has even been red listed.
Is it less rare in Germany?

It is not exactly the species mentioned above, but I have not seen these mushrooms before.

When it's mushroom season, it's often too wet for both me and my
FZ5. I've been thinking of making a bean bag for it. Have you tried

Just my two öre
Erik from Sweden
Using the F Z 5 - the last Panny with acceptable noise? :-/

I have a beanbag filled with styrofoam beans.
But my new tripod is flying on grass level too:

If I should be willing to carry this part around, I could as well take a bigger camera with me too. But the inreased DOF with the small sensors is still a great advantage.


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