fx01 or fx07? Help me decide

Started Oct 10, 2006 | Discussions thread
Boersenbalou Regular Member • Posts: 350
FX07 is better for the pics out-of-cam


I'm a happy owner of FX07 besides G5 - don't have the FX01 but a friend of mine - and he needs much more PP for exposure correction and denoising.

If you look at the pics at 100% you might be astonished for ISO 400 and higher - but even the ISO 400 pics can easily be printed from the FX07 up to at least 5x7.

The FX07 is perfect in metering, never have had such a lot of good exposed pics with the automatic on my G5.
The 28mm lens is outstanding.

this one my G5 never could have done in 1/3 second out of hand

Also low light is possible - in this case with a little bit NoiseWare

It is the perfect P&S to take with you - I make shots I never would have made with my G5

BTW The FX07 has convinced me so much about the Pannies even with VenusIII that I'm looking forward now to a FZ50 for christmas in addition.

Check some pics, also ISO comparison at http://www.flickr.com/photos/boersenbalou

Best regards

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