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The single-greatest advantage any SLR shooter can afford him/herself is image stabilization. Lens-based systems are superior to sensor-based, though either is an order of magnitude better than none. This includes virtually any inherent quality differences among various bodies or optics.

With that understood, I'd certainly favor a Canon solution, for which 4 lenses exist that will support the EF-S mount (with a fifth and perhaps sixth coming soon), and two for full-frame bodies. The 17-85 and 17-55 are excellent choices, though the 17-55 is a bit more of a sports car made for high performance at the expense of versatility. At the other end is the upcoming Sigma 18-200 OS, for which it is virtually inconceivable that Canon will not also be offering a similar lens, which in terms of form factor and focal length is about as ideal a "walkaround" lens when convenience and portability matter most.

The 24-105 L and 28-300 are going to be very long on an EF-S body; and though both are superb, they are exceptionally expensive; and unless shooting with a full-frame sensor, I'd probably not choose them first (though I own them and am glad I do).

Another option is to go for the 17-85, which is an excellent lens and excellent value, and adding the 70-300 on top, both of which provide excellent optical quality, great value, good portability, and stabilization. This is a very common "one two" punch for those building their lens toolkits where I'd lean toward recommending. Nevertheless, if a single-lens and cost mean more than the nominal difference in IQ and shorter reach, the 18-200 OS is very hard to pass up. In fact, an 18-200 complimented with primes provides a VERY powerful and VERY versatile combination.

I hope this helps.

tightlight wrote:

Long story short, my father is converting from film to dSLR and has
asked for my help. Essentially he wants an entry-level dSLR with a
superzoom on it (let's not argue the pros and cons of this, he's
already decided that much). Being a Canon guy myself I'd love to
see him get the XTi + 17-85IS lens, but he heavily favors longer
telephoto reach. I didn't really know which forum to post this in,
but I'm hoping somebody here can help. Does anyone know enough
about these combinations to compare/contrast them?

Canon XTi + Canon 17-85IS
Canon XTi + Tamron 18-200
Sony A100 (with antishake) + Sony 18-200
Nikon D80 + Nikon 18-200VR

I know that there are significant price differences between these,
but just hoping to get an overview comparison of them from a
performance perspective. Is image stabilization technology worth
the dramatic increase in price for this type of lens? My father
was very disappointed Canon didn't announce an 18-200IS lens at
Photokina and he'd really like to have his new camera before the
holidays so waiting for possible PMA announcements is out. Thus,
it looks like he's pretty much left with the choices above.

Any advice?



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