TC-E15ED (1.5x( vs TC-E17ED (1.7x)

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Re: TC-E15ED (1.5x( vs TC-E17ED (1.7x)

Big reasons for choosing the TC-E17ED: Reach and IQ.
And of course you can leave it on if you have to and still
get the mid-range shots.
Big reasons for choosing the TC-E15ED: Price and weight.

If IQ was the most important factor, I'd go for the Nikon 1.7, live with the weight, and eat tuna sandwiches for a month or two to pay for it.

MY Reasons for getting the TCON-17 instead: Reach, price, weight, IQ.
I know that wasn't on your list, and IQ is not quite up to
the Nikons, but its close enough for me. No front thread, but
as you mentioned, with the price of MC UV's at these sizes, I
could afford to get a NEW TCON-17 if anything happens to it!

Hope that helps a little. And I hope you get more responses.

gkreth wrote:

I've read with interest the recent TC-E17ED threads; it is an
excellent teleconverter, but unfortunately far too expensive for me.

I'm considering the TC-E15ED 1.5x as an alternative. Although not
as much reach, 1.5X is sorta close to 1.7X (630mm vs 714mm, 84mm of
difference). That's still significant, but then again, the TC-E15ED
sells for about $300 less than the TC-E17ED.

Are there any "issues" I should know about? I realize that the 50mm
thread is unusual, but NextPhoto has a 55mm-50mm step-down ring.
I've read CK's web page on the TC-E15ED:
So I know about the significant light falloff and minimum zoom
needed (343mm, or 9.8X, for the TC-E15ED, and 140mm, or 4X, for the

There is also the weight - 22.5 oz vs. 9.6 oz; the TC-E17ED is
about 13 oz heavier.

And filter size: 58mm vs. 86mm. (If I were to spend $400 on a lens,
I'd definitely get a protective dual-coated UV filter for it.)

I've also loked at the comparison shots. It seems like the TC-E15ED
has the same (or nearly the same) resolving power as the TC-E17ED;
the only thing different is the lower magnification.

Seeking a consensus of opinions, if that's possible....


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