fx01 or fx07? Help me decide

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Re: fx01 or fx07? Help me decide


  • 1 MP more (but you'll hardly notice the difference) means you can crop a little more.

  • More scene modes rolls eyes

  • High ISOs without having to force it on the camera (good if you just want to pick up the camera, and Auto everything)

  • Better white balance (due to VEIII?)

-Sharper images (due to in camera sharpening)
-Better battery life

  • SDHC


  • The 1 MP advantage is just a marketing trick. Due to the smearing effects of VEIII, you are going to have to resize everything.

-The higher ISOs are only usable if you are going to resize your pictures.

-Higher in-camera sharpening means less photoshop so you aren't able to modify your pictures much


  • Sharp detailed pictures all around

-Less smearing effects (due to the older Venus Engine PLUS)

  • Less image processing gives you more freedom to photoshop pictures

-Can force ISO 800 and ISO 1600 but underexposing the picture and then process the pictures with shadows/highlight and use noise removal to achieve better results than the FX07.

-More noisy pictures, but still more detailed than the FX07
-Shorter battery life (20 shots less?)

So, basically, if you just want straight out of the camera pictures and are going to resize everythign get the FX07

If you want good images and don't mind photoshopping, the FX01 will give you better picture quality since computer noise removal algoritihims are way better than VEIII (or any other in camera algorithims).

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