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Ben Lanterman Senior Member • Posts: 1,447
I have the 18-200

on a digital Rebel. I also have some 1D stuff and L lenses tp put it into prespective. I don't have the other combos. So with that in mind I can recommend the little Canon SLR and the 18-200 except for times when you need very fast focus.

I recently tried the combo at a model Jet flyin and found the photos in the air that required a fast focus in the Servo mode were too soft. The ground shots of people and model jets were fine.

With reasonable limits on enlargements and realizing that it is not a $5000 camera I can recommend it. I also wouldn't have a lot of heart burn over the other combos but I prefer the Canon since I have a lot of other Canon equipment.

I have the 28-300 Tamron and it isn't quite wide enough at 28 and on a 1.6 crop sensor to be as useful as you'd like. The difference between the 200 and 300 limits isn't worth giving up the extra wide angle - which is the reason the Tamron folks made the 18-200

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