Walkaround superzoom...

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Walkaround superzoom...

Long story short, my father is converting from film to dSLR and has asked for my help. Essentially he wants an entry-level dSLR with a superzoom on it (let's not argue the pros and cons of this, he's already decided that much). Being a Canon guy myself I'd love to see him get the XTi + 17-85IS lens, but he heavily favors longer telephoto reach. I didn't really know which forum to post this in, but I'm hoping somebody here can help. Does anyone know enough about these combinations to compare/contrast them?

Canon XTi + Canon 17-85IS
Canon XTi + Tamron 18-200
Sony A100 (with antishake) + Sony 18-200
Nikon D80 + Nikon 18-200VR

I know that there are significant price differences between these, but just hoping to get an overview comparison of them from a performance perspective. Is image stabilization technology worth the dramatic increase in price for this type of lens? My father was very disappointed Canon didn't announce an 18-200IS lens at Photokina and he'd really like to have his new camera before the holidays so waiting for possible PMA announcements is out. Thus, it looks like he's pretty much left with the choices above.

Any advice?



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