Gray Market Nikon Cameras

Started Oct 9, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Conway Yee Forum Member • Posts: 92
Gray Market Nikon Cameras

I am not convinced that it matters whether you purchase gray
market cameras, particularly gray market digital cameras.

I purchased two Nikon F100 several years apart. One at about $1200
and one at about $1000. Both still work fine. Neither is under
warranty any more.

While I can get them serviced by Nikon, would I bother? The used
price on Craigslist is about $350 and dropping. I think it was about
$500 last year.

Digital cameras have an even steeper depreciation rate. Also, by the
time the camera is multiple years old, 3rd party repair centers will likely
have the expertise and spare parts (read dead cameras) to service
the camera.

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