Maybe foveon should start making cameras

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Too early

The first race in digicam has been for number of pixels; it was quite obvious that VGA (640x480) was lacking definition for any sort of prints.

At 7.7mp (2400x3200) it is possible to print A4 at 314ppi, that is industrial standard.

It is unlikely that a strong demand for prints larger than A4 drives manufacturers to 20, 30, 40mp bayer cameras in large quantities, so other qualities might drive the choice.

Foveon or x3 seem to be the logical choice for cameras over 7.7 locations.

Would expect 8mpx3 to be preferred by the buyer to 24mp bayer, unless pros going for very large prints.

But the processing power needed for a fast 8mp x3 might be a little too expensive right now, so one or two years might pass.

When processing power is at the right price point, there are basically 4 sizes of sensors in the market :

phones - might be better to partner with Apple or Motorola for other technologies

around 1/1.8", where the video capability of Foveon can be another good point

the market is hundreds of millions - Only Fuji, Canon, Sony, Panasonic (and Sanyo ?) produce their own sensors

Foveon can enter in volume at 8mp x3 for other manufacturers, Polaroid was not a bad choice, wide distribution, but HP etc can be volume customers too

Aps (FT is not far in size) - Sigma might make the camera available in all mounts, so that the Nikon or Canon user can have a different sensor (like Velvia and Portra) available - market 5 millions (competition mainly Canon, Sony, Kodak, Panasonic and Fuji) mainly at the low end (700-1000 usd) a Sigma at 1000 usd in all mounts might cover the market satisfactorily for a while

24x36mm and larger - another camera from Sigma and own brand digital backs ?
market in the range of 100.000s.

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