Fuji S5 Pro announced, 6.1MP SuperCCD

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Re: Resolution

Rick - I agree with most of what you wrote. Not sure about this point.

Rick Colson wrote:

Canon 20d/30d offers (again IMHO):
2. Significantly better upgrade path (5D, 1DSII)

With the mixture of full frame and cropped sensors in the Canon lineup, I'm not sure that it's such an easy upgrade path. I know there are a number of Canon users out there with both FF and cropped sensor bodies and have to deal with certain lenses only being able to be used on the 20/30D versus what they can use on the FF bodies. Even though Nikon/Fuji aren't offering FF sensors, they are at least consistent from body to body on the crop factor and the backwards compatibility of the newer cameras to use all previous AF lenses. This makes for much easier upgrading. Plus add in that you can use the same lenses between both the Fuji and Nikon bodies is another plus. I guess it depends on how you look at it.


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