Best Macro lens for bugs?

Started Oct 4, 2006 | Discussions thread
Chubly Senior Member • Posts: 1,959
Re: 105VR is awesome.

If you had to pick between the 60mm and the 105mm VR what would it be?

Michelle wrote:

These other lenses are perfectly nice. In fact, the Nikon 60mm is
a gem.

However, I can't go on and on enough about the 105mm VR.

Pictures taken without flash take on a whole new character. You
really get on wonderfully without a tripod, which for living things
is rarely convenient. The quality is just superb. It's smooth and
fast and sharp. Leave it on your camera and shoot the kids playing
soccer - no problem. Ditto for nice portraits, with outstanding
bokeh too. Check it out.


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