Best Macro lens for bugs?

Started Oct 4, 2006 | Discussions thread
Olivia T. BvG Senior Member • Posts: 1,103
Re: Best Macro lens for bugs?

I find that the longer the focal length, the better it is, as you won't disturb the bugs that easy. The 150/F2.8 EX Sigma should be good(heard many good things being said about that lens). The 105 VR can be good too if you use it with a teleconverter. I often use the 200mm end of my tele-zoom for that purpose and then crop to taste. I am currently looking at the 150/F2.8 EX Sigma myself as the next macro lens(love that 105 VR lens too though).

Thomas Karlmann wrote:

..or flowers. Is it the 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor,
the Sigma 150 or another contender? Bug hunters: Which is best?

1. 105 Nikkor has VR; can one reliably hold the 150 steady enough like
Claypaws does?
2. Scare-bug-away-factor: Sigma has longer reach. Is Nikkor long
enough not to scare the bug away?
3. Lens optical quality
4. Is the UltraSonic focus of the Sigma up to the Nikkor's AF-S

I presently have a 50mm macro, but by the time you get close enough
to the bug to almost fill the frame, it is likely to be scared
away. Does the 100mm solve this issue or do I need the 150? (For
use on DSLR with 1.5 crop factor)

Comments anyone? Thanks.

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