The Thing About the Foveon...

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Re: The Thing About the Foveon...

ovrebekk wrote:

It is being called a 14MP camera because it has an 14MP sensor. Its
the size of the sensor that matters, not the size of the images.

No - it does not have a 14 MP sensor - Foveon says that they make a
14 MP sensor. There is a difference.

What do you mean? The Sensor has got a total of 14 million photo sites/pixels. Unless i am totally misinformed that means its a 14 MP sensor.

Its the actual amount of pixels that is counted, irrelevant of what color they are used to record.

Ordinary cameras with bayer filters have done the same thing for
years. The only difference is that they interpolate the images to
match the total resolution of the sensor.

Nope. If they did - then a D200 should be a 30 MP camera.

As you probably know every pixel in cameras using bayer filters records just one color. Then the two missing colors in each pixel are interpolated from the surounding pixels.

The D200 only records 2,5M red pixels, 2,5M blue pixels and 5M green pixels. To get a 10MP file with full color interpolation is needed.

In fact foveon and bayer technology is pretty similar, the only differences being that foveon sensors doesnt record twice as many green pixels, has the corresponding pixels in the same place and doesnt do any interpolation to increase the image after it is shot.

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